Public affairs

Be heard and make an impact. We help you to work systematically to make your voice heard and make an impact.

What we do

  • Political analysis
  • Strategies and action plans
  • Stakeholder mapping and analysis
  • Change of framework conditions
  • Message development
  • Debate training
  • Opinion pieces
  • Ambassador programmes
  • Counselling on international framework conditions


Guri Størvold

Managing partner

Political decisions are not made in a vacuum, but through relationships between a wide range of actors who influence each other. To influence, you need to understand how opinions are formed and decisions are made when decision makers, premise makers, experts, influencers, and opinion leaders interact.

Our advisors have long experience from and a deep understanding of Norwegian politics. We know the decision-making processes, and we understand how to gain the strategic position you need to gain influence and impact for your own views.

We develop the measures and messages needed to achieve the framework conditions and decisions you need, and we have a proven methodology for how organisations can ensure their impact.