Work in Zynk

Do you want to develop your analysis and consulting expertise by working with some of Norway's largest companies, most demanding challenges and together with some of the industry's most experienced consultants?

At Zynk, everyone should contribute to

  • Create value for the customer and society, while creating a good working environment for all Zynk employees. 
  • Live the values in a dedicated and opportunity-orientated way - both towards customers and colleagues. 
  • Maintain high ethical and professional integrity, and always strive for professional development. 
  • Deliver high quality at the right time.


Guri Størvold

Managing partner

Zynk is a strategic consulting agency. We help leaders create positive change in the company they lead and the society we live in.    

At Zynk, you'll meet a friendly group of skilled and dedicated advisors with backgrounds in politics, business, media and organisational life.

Together with our customers, our advisors solve complex challenges, recognise opportunities and create results through extensive experience and deep insight. We advise on leadership and change, crisis and preparedness, media, positioning, public and government dialogue, insight and analysis and corporate communications.

Trusted advisors

What our employees have in common is that we have a good understanding of society and business, deep industry insight into the sectors we work with, we have an analytical approach, good collaboration skills and we know how to communicate to get your message across.

Do you recognise yourself? Get in touch! We are always looking for talented people with relevant expertise, high work capacity and good judgement.

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