This is Zynk

We are strategic advisors. We use communication as a tool to achieve business goals.

What do we do? Major challenges and rapid change make it more demanding to lead. We help organisations clarify direction and create engagement and commitment internally and build trust and support externally.

How do we do this? We are a constructive sparring partner providing advice based on insight and experience. We challenge our clients to go the extra mile.

Why do we do it? We work with our clients to find good answers to important and difficult questions, so they can realise their ambitions.

Who are we? In Zynk you will meet committed, dedicated and experienced advisers with backgrounds in politics, business, organisations and the media. We thrive best when we get to be long-term partners. We work closely with many of the country's largest private and public sector organisations - in areas such as energy and green industries, transport, health, technology, banking and finance, and retail.

Our ethical guidelines

  1. We are discreet and protect confidential information.
  2. We act in the best interests of our clients and Zynk.
  3. We act with integrity and impartiality.
  4. We comply with Norwegian law and the norms of good behaviour in Norwegian society and business.
  5. We are open about the interests we represent when we contact the media and public authorities.
  6. We clarify potential conflicts with both existing and new clients.

Our promises and values

We will:

  • Create value for the client and society, while creating a good working environment for all Zynk employees. 
  • Live by our values in a dedicated and opportunity-orientated manner - both towards clients and colleagues. 
  • Maintain high ethical and professional integrity, and always strive for professional development. 
  • Deliver high quality at the right time.  


Guri Størvold

Managing partner