Crisis management and preparedness

What do you do when a crisis occurs? With the right plans, tools and training, you can minimise the impact.

What we do

  • Risk analysis
  • Contingency plans
  • Courses, lectures and coaching of crisis managers and emergency response teams
  • Emergency preparedness exercises: dilemma training, desktop exercises or full-scale game exercises
  • Strategic advisor or emergency manager for hire
  • Operational crisis management and 24/7 crisis communication
  • Media training
  • Media monitoring and reporting
  • Evaluation of crisis management
  • Structured recovery of trust and reputation


Johan Wilskow


Major accidents, complex corruption cases, data attacks and reputational crises: Zynk's advisors have assisted in some of the largest and most complex crises in recent decades. In addition, we conduct around 20 crisis exercises for our clients every year.

We take a holistic approach to crisis management and communication, with measures and services that help you before, during and after a crisis

We help organisations to be prepared and equipped for a potential crisis through the preparation and quality assurance of contingency plans. We prepare, facilitate and evaluate different types of exercise, from simple dilemma and desktop exercises to full-scale gaming exercises. If a crisis occurs, we provide advice, capacity and expertise 24/7.

We can offer our advisors and emergency managers for hire and assist with media relations and stakeholder dialogue. Zynk also has a structured methodology for restoring trust and reputation after a crisis.