Media relations

When journalists do their job, it's crucial to understand how you can best do yours.

What we do

  • Communication strategy and plans
  • Message development
  • Media and debate training
  • Support for proactive and reactive media management
  • Storymining with journalistic methods
  • Storytelling
  • Media monitoring
  • Social media management
  • Content production
  • Courses, lectures and workshops


Marte Ramuz Eriksen


A free and independent press is crucial to a well-functioning democracy. At the same time, the media landscape is constantly changing, which means that what is required of those who either seek out or are sought out by the media's spotlight is also constantly changing.

Zynk's advisors have extensive experience as journalists and editors in the Norwegian press, and as advisors to individuals and organisations approached by journalists. We understand what drives the media in large, complex cases, we know the dynamics of critical, investigative journalism, and we know what it takes for journalists to prioritise your particular case.

We understand how the public conversation shifts between earned and social media, and what it takes to get the right dynamic between the channels. And we use journalistic methods and criteria to help find, tell and communicate the right stories for the right target groups in the right channels: stories that are heard and remembered, create engagement and get the desired message across.

Every year, Zynk organises media and debate training for everyone from senior executives and board members to subject matter experts. Sessions are customised with realistic cases and often conducted at our partner Completed's TV and radio studio.

Understanding the media's methods, news criteria and storytelling techniques will also strengthen your ability to sharpen your message, create engagement, and handle other challenging situations.